Port Adelaide Redevelopment
The inner harbour area of Port Adelaide is being redeveloped.  The South Australian government through its agency the Land Management Corporation is remediating contaminated land on the banks of the Port Estuary, and then transferring the land to  the Newport Quays consortium.
Two sections of the western bank of the river are in various stages of redevelopment, and a third is proceeding through the development approval process. This third stage is particularly contentious as it involves residential buildings up to 12 stories in height, which are new to Port Adelaide´s well preserved maritime heritage.

Information about the development has been sparse, but recently both public and local government concerns about the nature of the development is resulting in more information finding its way onto the public record.

This page attempts to pull together information which the Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group (PAREPG) believes is in the public interest.

Development Applications and Assessment

Newport Quays has decided to split the development application for the third stage into two parts.  The first part known as Precinct 2b, is located on the western bank of the Port River to the east of the Glanville railway station.  It is the only part released to date and is shown below.

Newport Quays Development Application(5Mb)

The Port Adelaide Enfield Council contracted a Design Review Panel of development experts to assess the application.  Those experts were particularly critical of the nature of the development in their report:
Design Review Panel's Assessment and a Crime Prevention Assessment

The Port Adelaide Enfield Development Assessment Panel provides an opinion to the Development Assessment Commission. The assessment prepared for the Port Adelaide Enfield Development Assessment Panel reccomended quite strongly that the panel should not support the application in its present form.

In addition, in spite of the short length of time available, 24 individuals and groups prepared responses to the development application. (PAREPG had only two days)

Assessment prepared for the Development Assessment Panel and a list of individuals and groups that made submissions to the Development Assessment Commission

All submissions are now publicly available (16Mb) and some have provided their responses  below:

In the community

A number of local community groups also supported the production and distribution of a flyer
Flyer critiquing the development application

Urban Construct is a member of the Newport Quays consortium. That company advised PAREPG of what it considered to be inaccuracies in the flyer, and also voiced their concerns in the local press.  PAREPG think it only fair that their views be reproduced in detail.

Letter from Urban Construct to PAREPG

Pushing the Envelope

A number of recent cases concerning development law which involve Urban Construct are on the public record and links are provided below. The first finds against Urban Construct´s original application to build a multi-storey building at St Peters.

Urban Construct & Others v  City of Norwood, Payenham & St Peters (2004)

The second also found against Urban Construct in an application at Glenelg, and was also lost on appeal to the Supreme Court.

Urban Construct Pty Ltd v City of Holdfast Bay (2005)
Urban Construct Pty Ltd v City of Holdfast Bay (2006)