Penrice to clear Port River

Penrice Soda Products announced on 22 Feb 2008 that it was at last going to remove its waste from the Port River. The waste has been restricting the use of the shipping channel for the last decade.

Under pressure from the port operator, the EPA and local community groups in 2001, Penrice introduced a sedimentation scheme to reduce the waste entering the river. It has taken a further seven years for the company to agree to start clearing the mess it created in the channel.

PAREPG understand that considerable pressure has been brought to bear by the the port operator, Flinders Ports, and that pressure included litigation.

Penrice received development approval to remove 145,00 cubic meters of waste, in a "number of campaigns over several years". The waste will be "blended with other products to make it into a suitable commercial landfill product".

PAREPG has been concerned about the nature of this waste for many years. More information can be found here. Large deposits still remain at Biodiversity Park

Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group