Biodiversity Park

Biodiversity Park is one of the largest areas of open space left in the Adelaide metropolitan area. It covers some 80 Ha and is situated at the top of LeFevre Peninsula.

In planning terms, the park forms a buffer between the residential areas of North Haven to the south and Pelican Point power station,and the state's container loading terminal to the north. It is linked to the Mutton Cove Conservation Park in the east.

In urban ecological terms it is priceless.

The park is currently zoned under the Metropolitan Open Space System (MOSS), but is under threat due to rezoning proposals led by Defence SA.

An area in Biopark that Defence SA intend to bulldoze
Defence SA intends to bulldoze this area

Biodiversity park is split into two parts by Pelican Point Rd.

  • Biodiversity Park East contains a number of tidal creeks which were filled with waste from the soda ash plant in the 1970's. The Department of Environment and Heritage were responsible for the site for several decades. During their administration the department permitted uncontrolled rubbish dumping and trail bike riders to devastate large sections of Biodiversity Park West.
  • Biodiversity Park West is more densely vegetated. The Friends of Biodiversity Park have done a considerable amount of revegetation over the last decade, and the effect of trail bike riders was comparatively less.
  • Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group