Tank Farms out of control at Port Adelaide

The Portside Messenger today (4 May 2011) published some of PAREPG's comments on yet another tank farm application for LeFevre peninsula.

The application by Terminals Ltd is for a farm in the centre of northern LeFevre Peninsula, just 650m from North Haven residents. If the Development Assessment Commission approves the application this will be Terminals second fuel farm on the peninsula, the first being next to the Maritime Defence precinct at Osborne.

This is in addition to the existing tank farm at Birkenhead. BP applied for expansion of their facilities in 2008, and have recently announce a further major expansion (Portside Messenger (20 April 2011 p7)

PAREPG have concerns about exposure of nearby residents to carcinogenic emissions and the risk of explosion. Explosion is not a recognized danger in Australia but since the Buncefield (UK) explosion in 2005 it certainly is internationally. We have sent our concerns to the development authorities with little effect to date.

In our view it makes no planing sense to have tank farms scattered over the peninsula as each of these farms need a buffer of at least 1k to protect residents, and even that may not be enough. We thought that was what planning authorities were about. Rather they seem to rubber stamp anything that comes there way.

More detailed information can be found in our submissions can be found here

Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group
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