Challenging On The Run

This is our attempt to document some of issues and procedures raised in what turned out to be a 7 1/2 day trial. It's necessarily limited. Court transcripts of the witness presentation, cross-examination and judicial comments currently cost $7.20 per page and at ~ 800 pages are beyond the resources of our group.

Probaly the best resource of our overall view is our closing statement, which is essentially a summary of our arguments,presented as a series of propositions with supporting evidence. A pdf version is available here.

In addition the main case themes are presented on a series of pages below, each with a small amount of background to each theme. Each page contains statements presented by expert witnesses, and joint statements by expert witnesses detailing areas where agreement was reached, and disagreement remained, according to procedures of the Environment Resource and Development Court.

Still to be documented are procedural arguments regarding Council's failure to adhere to statutory time periods in regards to allowing sufficient time for residents to comment on the initial proposal and advising of the meeting of council's Development Assessment Panel.

A short history behind the challenge can be found here