Penrice Fill

In the late 1990's PAREPG members were involved in discussions with Penrice Soda Products, the EPA and other groups concerning the industrial waste Penrice was dumping into the Port River. In the course of this discussion it became apparent that the Penrice waste was too contaminated to be used as clean fill in conventional earthworks.

Indeed the only option under the contaminated soil guidelines then in place was to dispose of the waste in a licensed landfill. At the time the company produced an analysis of the waste which is shown below.

Element Clean Fill maximum Analysis Pcent over clean fill maximum
Arsenic 20ppm 32-55ppm 160-175%
Boron 75ppm 170-252ppm 233-336%
Manganese 500ppm 579-1080ppm 116-216%

The company subsequently changed the analysis techniques for Arsenic, such that the levels fell below the guidelines, although no rationale for the change of technique was provided at the time.

Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group