Adelaide Brighton reneges on park deal

In 1994, as a response to ongoing concern by residents about the noise and air pollution by the Birkenhead works, Adelaide Brighton Ltd bought the land that is currently occupied by the park on the corner of Hargrave St and Victoria Rd.

The Park was established by 1996 in conjunction with the local Resident's Advisory Group (established by Adelaide Brighton Ltd) and the Port Adelaide Enfield Council. It was established as an act of good faith by Adelaide Brighton Ltd to local residents, who bore the brunt of the air pollution that was a by-product of production.

Tank Farms out of control at Port Adelaide

The Portside Messenger today (4 May 2011) published some of PAREPG's comments on yet another tank farm application for LeFevre peninsula.

The application by Terminals Ltd is for a farm in the centre of northern LeFevre Peninsula, just 650m from North Haven residents. If the Development Assessment Commission approves the application this will be Terminals second fuel farm on the peninsula, the first being next to the Maritime Defence precinct at Osborne.

LMC in a spin

The last king tides at Newport Quays (25 & 26 April 2009) exposed a disturbing disconnect between corporate spin and the reality viewed by the rest of the world.

Local residents saw and photographed soil from contaminated soil stockpiles being carried away on the tide but the South Australian government's Land Management Corporation (LMC) is denying any soil was lost.

Penrice to clear Port River

Penrice Soda Products announced on 22 Feb 2008 that it was at last going to remove its waste from the Port River. The waste has been restricting the use of the shipping channel for the last decade.

Under pressure from the port operator, the EPA and local community groups in 2001, Penrice introduced a sedimentation scheme to reduce the waste entering the river. It has taken a further seven years for the company to agree to start clearing the mess it created in the channel.

Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group